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On Children’s Day and in the latest interview with MediaRoom Hub to commemorate Children’s Day ever bubbling children influencers; Theunidenticalduo are the stars of the month, Shawn (7), Olivia and Oliana (5) and Amariah (3).


The children have warmed and captured the hearts of not just Nigerians but foreigners with their fashion, smile and intelligence on social media. Mediaroom Hub had a chat with the mother of theunidenticalduo, Mrs Tutu Daramola who shared their journey to building the brand and unravels their interests – home and school life.


MediaRoom HubSo, Tutu whenever I think about children models theunidenticalduo comes to my mind. How did it all start?

Tutu Daramola – When I had the twins cause I just got back from the state I went to a party and I met Aunty Azuka but before then I love playing dress-up with my kids cause I really don’t like social media so Aunty Azuka was like “Tutu you need to start dressing these kids and be posting them on Instagram” saying they will do so well and all of that my other friends said the same thing to me that was how they opened me an Instagram account and posted two pictures of them but I was on private for a while reason being that there is a lot of terrible things happening and all of that. So, yes Aunty Azuka is part of the people who told me to go into this whole thing so it’s just a hobby for me even when I was pregnant with popo (Amirah) I still styled the twins like 8 different styles just to create content. I had a cesarean section I was with popo for like four days and kept posting pictures so it’s a passion and something I love to do no matter how tired I am I still can’t do without dressing them up in two weeks because it’s something I love doing.

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