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Mogul Crush Monday | Olamide Raliat Yousuph

Olamide Yousuph is the Co-Founder of Utopia Media Group, which consists of Utopia Media, Arcadia Mobile TV, Section 84 and Arcadia Premium TV with 6 years’ experience in business. She has a strong academic background to ground her work, being an alumnus of the prestigious Babcock University with a Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance. Gaining experience and knowledge working with Digital Communication Consult Limited (DCK), her love and passion for the media increased.

This under 30 COO started  taking up the reigns at Arcadia, she’s shaken things up at the channel with her proficient Strategic project management skills. Her strongest skills lie in proactively managing important and time sensitive projects, developing innovative solutions, balancing stake-holders expectations with the company, and also working collaboratively with other team members to establish efficient systems of operations.

Thirsting for more than the digital world, and to acquire the necessary exposure that she needed in pursuing her interest in the Media, Olamide worked at AIT (African International Television) as a Media Production Assistant for 1 year and 6 months. This further introduced her to different aspects of the media world. Olamide played a crucial role at Arcadia Mobile TV, focusing on pushing the platform by curating awesome user experience and content presentation, as well as also being instrumental at Utopia Media Group.

Together with her partner, she spearheaded the transition of the platform from online to television performing tasks that were central to the project. She has worked together with the team on many of the flagship shows that arcadia have to offer including Serious Banta, Kitchen Dash, My hustle, I’m available and Arcadia Live on The Red Carpet. Today, Olamide Yousuph is the Chief Operations Officer of Utopia Media Group which introduces international standard processes and frame-work that ensures optimal delivery of content for the Television Platform.

She is a female execs who leads a team of 7 other female producers and is re-writing the rules of how we watch TV. Her goal is to make shows that are relatable, express the diversity of the African continent, and that are socially relevant; as well as commercially successful. Her favorite quote: “It always seems impossible until it is done”.

Achievements under her belt: In 2017, Arcadia Mobile TV received an award for being the Global, most innovative quality mobile web TV brand by the Global Quality Excellence Awards committee, a promise of bigger Olamide is constantly learning and is always enthusiastic about sharing her entrepreneurship experiences within and outside her core space.

Her mentors and mentees alike describe Olamide as innovative, a goal getter, a team player, fiercely passionate about the Nigerian and a tremendous leader. She has been busy working to tell real African stories and change the conversation around the continent

To Connect with Olamide

Instagram: olamideyousuph

Twitter: @lamiidae

LinkedIn: Olamide Raliat Yousuph



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