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Elizabeth Osho gives her take on “Working for Exposure as Creatives Currencies”

The British High Commission hosted a number of key Nigerian creatives to a night of fun conversation on Thursday April 4th and one of the speakers Elizabeth Osho Head strategist at SoMe Solutions shared some interesting insights on her Instagram page about “Working for Exposure and Creatives Currencies along with the Deputy high commissioner of British High Commision and Ireti :Press and public diplomacy for the British government in Lagos.

                                           “Here’s a recap of what I have to say about working for Exposure and “creative currencies: .
I defy any creative to tell me they didn’t take on “work for exposure”, its part and parcel of gaining your strips, its what build us, experience is necessary .We all want to make money – but financial gain shouldn’t ALWAYS be part of the reward of every opportunity presented. . A job |opportunity without financial gain isn’t void of positive attributes. Each job is unique and presents opportunities specific to your individual professional development.
Different brands give Different “EXPOSURE” if @TRAVEL2SA want you to go on their next influencer hosting for free, you better take it!! .Advising a creative to “never work for free,” in a cut-throat industry is basically denying themes a chance to make new contacts, to gain new experience, to open new doors.
It’s all about RELATIONSHIPS, form them, build them with those your working with, whether you are client side or otherwise
Don’t be a MUGU – don’t allow them use you dry either. Do your homework, and read the fine print. Negotiate from the onset, be in a contract where when you’ve done 2 months of “free work” – there is 2 months of paid work coming!!
As a creative, ask for the full PR plan, to see how the far the “EXPOSURE” is gonna get you, ensure that they .Let them give you CREDIT on all platforms. Ask to be tagged, asked to be included in press releases and follow up on this! Make sure you are in charge and in the loop. The power is in your hands!! ”

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