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LY Fitness |Turning the Nigerian Punishments Into Workout

Story time people!

So, I attended 3 secondary schools in this country (Guys, I have paid my dues) different school with their own kind of punishments *sigh* Anyways, I guess my teachers just didn’t get me which was why my mum figured that my matter was for the bible that’s why I was sent to a catholic school (the stories of reverend sisters flogging the legions out of your body isn’t a myth! Best believe) but as a ‘chester’ I felt some punishments were invented because of me (Legend).


I’m chilling  working in the office (duh) and the talks of going to the gym came up (rolls eyes) because we think that’s the only place we can lose the extra fat from the ‘5 weeks owambing’ or trying to tone, which you might just be psyched about for a month and the remaining 11 months we are done (My new year resolution people how body?!) If you were as stubborn as I was in school, you will definitely be the ultimate example of fitfam goals to other people, your legs and arms being toned from the Squat and fly your arms, pick pin, frog jump e.t.c (Mentioning just the ajebo punishment, i can’t cast myself in public).

Here are some dreadful fun punishments you can do at home to work on your legs, arms and belly.

Under the bunk a.k.a Plank

They did well not to give me this punishment because I will just doze off. I watched a couple of mates go through this and it wasn’t funny. But we can turn this into our home exercise which is plank

-Get an exercise mat (Seriously you need to get one if you’re going to be exercising at home

-Start by getting into a press up position.

-Bend your elbows and rest your weight on your forearms and not on your hands.

-Your body should form a straight line from shoulders to ankles.

Squat and Fly your arms a.k.a Wall sit

*Cries from the first period into second* I remember when myself and 4 other girls were punished and we held hands for both emotional and physical support (Our hands had to be straight, so this was a ‘Lean on me” situation). The wall sit a.k.a ‘What tha booty do’ exercise targets your glutes and abs if done well.

-You need a wall (literally you need a wall)

-Stand with your back against a wall,

-Placing your feet about two feet out in front of you.


Frog jump a.k.a forward jump Squats

From primary school up on till the last day of my WAEC, this was basically the punishment I experienced in all the schools I attended, well jokes on those teachers and seniors that made me do it (Watch me when I walk by Okuuuurrr!)

If you have a long hallway at home then you can hop from the beginning to the end without looking or feeling silly.

-Stand straight with your legs together and arms by your side

-Jump and squat with your legs apart and your arms together.

-Get into the first position then repeat

So people! You can save your money and punish yaself at home. Ask your younger ones the latest punishment in town and start.

Thank me later!

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