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Liz O’s 2019 Success Tips

Liz O’s 2019 Success Tips


I’ve really missed writing, with running a full on strategy focused communication’s firm, it’s harder these days to find the time!! But I took time out, to pen down these not too lengthy tips that you may find useful! I will do my best to be more consistent.


Here goes:


Don’t put a time limit on your success.


Now, with social media everyone is getting success very fast. It’s no longer 15 minutes of fame, its 15 seconds!! People are the “it thing” quite quickly. If you started your business 3 months ago, please don’t expect to have BLOWN!! It hasn’t even been a year, it hasn’t been 2 years; please give yourself TIME. Stop looking at what the next person is doing and put in the time needed for YOU to develop!! You will completely get off track if you’re watching how the next person is running their race. Success doesn’t happen really quickly, be patient, give yourself time and trust your journey.


Also being an influencer isn’t necessarily about your follower count, we see it all the time where artists have 3|4 million ‘followers’ and they can’t even sell their album. So don’t get too caught up!! Keep things organic

Liz O


Every Naira is not a good Naira


Be true to yourself!! You don’t have to associate yourself with every product or event that comes your way. Learn not to devalue yourself or your brand just for a pay cheque. Let people pay you to be yourself and be living and associating with things that you naturally like.


Energy checks


You’re allowed to say no to working with certain people or projects. You have free will to choose not to work with certain people just cause you don’t want to give them your energy, commitment and time!! It doesn’t have to come from a malicious place. It’s just you being more careful with who you have around you!! The ENERGY around you is so important! It can literally break or make you!! For the past 3 years, I only have a core group of solid people around me and it’s been really great!!


Create and Give Value

In whatever field you’re in, it is crucial that you fully understand what drives value, understand your own value proposition. Hone and constantly develop an efficient way to deliver value over and over again.


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