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The Lady in Line Campaign


A line is a mark made by a moving point and having psychological impact according to its direction, weight, and the variations in its direction and weight. It is an enormously useful and versatile graphic device that is made to function in both visual and verbal ways. It can act as as a symbolic language, or it can communicate emotion through its character and direction.

– Charlotte Jirousek (University of Cornell)

This Lady Biba collection is inspired by Lines, Curves & Corners. The woman’s body can not be described without appreciating the lines and curves that meet beautifully at her corners. Lady Biba takes an abstract approach into seeing the beauty in the woman’s body.

The collection is made up of structured dresses that flatter every woman. The dresses are ideal for the Lady Boss : who is confident and dresses the part.

Powede Awujo, ex beauty queen and model, serves as the perfect muse for the campaign – as she is a Lady Boss : navigating her own career path as a trained nurse and aviator, whilst also juggling motherhood. She is able to navigate her life in her line with her dreams, and excels effortlessly .

Location : @circalagos @theboroughlagos
Hair: @anneeliserealhair
Makeup: @flawlessfacesbyjane
Shoes: @theluxeshopper
Photography: @ellisoft
Styling and Creative Direction: @thestyle.concierge

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