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Meet Onyii – Glamstar of the Week

Hey beautiful people! Sure you are just as excited to meet Onyii (Piktcha Purfekt) as we were. She looks even more flawless in real life!

So you know we had to do it for the culture, we asked her fun facts about her and here’s what she had to say!

Tell us about your worst date

  • My worst date was sometime in 2017, he was so stiff and wouldn’t communicate thoroughly, it was almost like I intimidated him into silence. It was a whole mess lol.

If you could change your name, what would it be?

  • Robyn

How many languages do you speak? 

  • I speak 3 languages ( English, Yoruba and Russian fluently), a little German & French

What’s your pet peeve?

  • People that don’t have a sense of urgency or don’t know when to apologize.

What has been your best travel experience and give one advice for those who would like to explore?

  • Best travel experience was meeting an Elle magazine editor in Odessa by simply asking if she could take my photos. I’d advice anyone looking to explore to travel solo and have no expectations.

Best country you’ve ever been and why?

  •  Amsterdam. I love the vibe of the country plus, it rains a lot lol.

 How did you get so big on vlogging, travelling and great photos?

  •  I just started. Practiced everyday, learnt on the job and stayed myself. Also, following people that inspire me gets my creative juices flowing.
What’s your creative process like?
  • My creative process is very spontaneous. I can be sleeping and just wake up at midnight to color my hair or DIY an outfit. I create mood boards in transit. It’s like so many tabs open in my head & I also have an amazing “eye”.

How did you balance being in med school and creating content?

  • Haha. Balance Med school and content creating? I don’t think that ever happened. I’m a very organized person but at a point it became very rigid, so I just went with the flow and made sure never to miss a class. I believed I could do it all & when I couldn’t? I rested.

Would you love to ever feature in a movie?

  • I suck at acting but if the money is right, why not?

What’s your mantra? 

  • My Mantra currently is to just do it. It doesn’t matter if you’re scared, do it afraid.

Told y’all she was cool! You’re welcome.

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