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Glamstar of the Week – Powede Awujo

Hey Glamazons

Let us introduce our “Glam Star”  of the week… Powede Awujo *thunder applause*.

We fell in love with the multi talented star some years ago when she broke the internet as the 25 years old who was a Beauty Queen, a Nurse and a Certified Pilot all in one.  Today, we will be getting to know her just a bit more as she answers our Glam Star questions.

Let’s meet Powede!

What three words describes you?

  • Resilient, positive, stylish.

What are you top three go to make up brands?

  • Lancome, Black Up and BLK/OPL.

Your favorite destination as a pilot?

  • As a pilot so far my favorite destination is Lanseria, South Africa because the control tower reps are always so polite lol.

Your favorite holiday destination with your family?

  • With my family, I’d say BoraBora in French Polynesia.

If you had to choose between modelling, nursing or being a pilot, which will it be?

  • Hmmmn, this is a hard question, I really can’t choose.

 Flowers or Chocolate?

  • Flowers

Heels Or flats?

  • Heels

 Nike or Adidas?

  • Adidas

Beauty blenders or brushes?

  • Beauty blenders

Tell us something we don’t know about you

  • I think I’m a horrible singer, I dread singing in public!

 What is your favorite life quote?

  • “If your dreams don’t scare you, then they are not big enough”.


She is a Lancome Ambassador

So now you know a little bit more about your favorite pilot! If you have any more questions for her, drop in the comment box.

Till next time!

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