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18 Things You May Not Know About Me

18 Things You May Not Know About Me

  1. I joke and goof around a tad much
  2. I was quite the athlete at school, Hockey, athletics team and I played lacrosse at County level
  3. I can hold a grudge till eternity ( I’m working on it though, with prayer)
  4. I’m extremely LOYAL
  5. In primary school, I had to have 3 horse riding lessons a week
  6. I once won £1000 on a game show called “Your face or mine” ( the only thing I’ve ever won)
  7. When I was younger I wanted to be a Lawyer
  8. I want to go to Harvard
  9. I want to write a book
  10. My favorite color is GREEN!
  11. I once pierced my ears myself at school with a safety pin!
  12. I have a tattoo
  13. Secretly I would have loved to be a rapper
  14. I used to play the piano, classical guitar and The Oboe
  15. Maths  my weakest subject in school, I don’t do fractions, percentages, infact i can’t calculate mentally calculate ish…
  16.  I was born a VOLTRON (I notice when people are rude, disrespectful or dishonor other people. I usually have something to say)
  17. I was the president of the Nigerian Society in University
  18. I’m a bit nosey and a very curious person at heart so I often ask personal questions to people that I barely know. More often than not, they answer them.                                                                                                                                       Bonus points

Liz Osho

  • Im scared of dying and not doing everything I set my heart on accomplishing

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