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LyGlam’s Beauty Must-Haves For Your Handbag

5 Essential Beauty Products You Can't Live Without.

For us women, our handbags are more than just places to stash our cash: we tend to carry our entire world in them. Our handbags are like a little home-away-from-home, containing all the essentials we need to get through the day and although the content of each women’s bag is as unique as she is, there are still some basic items that you’ll find in every bag.

Here’s our selection of what we think are some of the best essential beauty must-haves that every woman “must have” in her purse!

 SUNSCREEN: Using sunscreen, seeking shade and wearing protective clothing are all important behaviors to reduce your risk of skin cancer. Scientific evidence supports the benefits of using sunscreen to minimize short-term and long-term damage to the skin from the sun’s rays. Clinique sunscreens are my absolute favorite because its ultra-lightweight, 100% mineral sunscreens are incredibly comfortable—and virtually invisible on all skin tones.

 LIP GLOSS: Moving your makeup look from day to night is easy–just add a bit of gloss and get ready to sparkle! While there aren’t many organic ones on the market yet, we think it’s essential to keep anything you put on your mouth as natural as possible. For that reason, I love NYX Lip gloss. It’s a light, neutral pink that adds a touch of glam to any lipstick, but also gives lips a more sensual pout when used alone. Just put a dot in the center of your bottom lip and smooth into the lips with your ring finger to create the illusion of fullness.

 COMPACT POWDERS: To keep your face glowing, do make a point to carry compact powder with yourself at all times. Not only will this control shine and even out skin tone, but a good compact should also have a mirror built in, allowing you to do a poppy-seed-in-the-teeth check should you need it. MAC compact powders are a girl’s favorite: They are slow-baked powders that have low-level pearlised pigments that give you a natural satin finish. It is good for people with dry and sensitive skin, and is a great product for touch-ups. A user stated, “This is my Holy Grail powder, it doesn’t ever look chalky.” and their mirrors are of excellent quality!

 A MULTI-FUNCTIONAL CREAM: It is a great idea to keep your skin pampered all day, especially the areas that often come to the notice of others. You surely don’t want to cut a sorry figure walking around with flaky elbows, chapped lips or ashy skin. A multi-purpose skin cream like True’s All You Need Is Me, is an essential for your purse. It’s made of all natural ingredients, is quick and effective and comes in a nice, light tube. This gel-like product can even be used to smooth out frizzy ends of hair. Seriously, this is one useful tube!

 A NICE PERFUME: Scent is the one beauty product that is likely to fade throughout the day, and will need a bit of a top up. It makes sense, then, to invest in a small-sized bottle which can easily be carried in your bag. It won’t take up much space and will make sure you not only get a quick aromatherapy boost, but always turn up smelling like a dream. Looking for recommendations? Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum Travel Spray last for ages and fit perfectly in your purse.


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