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Beauty Trends: LyGlam’s 5 Favourite Make-Up Trends of 2017

LIP GLOSS: Last year was all about the matte lip, but this year we brought lip gloss back! Liquid matte lips dominated the last few years, but lip gloss is a refreshing change giving dimension, shine, and youth. It became more than just a conventional make-up for just the lips, people creatively used them on their eye-lids, bringing back a classic, retro vibe that we absolutely love. And Kylie’s holiday set as well as Mac and Nyx cosmetic sets included shamelessly shiny gloss, that’s a sign that they are right on trend.

SKIN THAT BREATHES: This was one trend that most beauty fanatics got on in 2017. Fresh, lustrous skin was the order of the day. Every lady’s goal was achieving healthy, radiant, conditioned skin. No more excess strobing, baking, or contour. Let your skin breathe.

FULL BROW TREND: Eyebrow trends have come and gone over the last century, going from thin to full to practically non-existent, then back to full again. As you may remember, our current bushy brow obsession started with model (and now actress) Cara Delevingne and took off from there, resulting in models being cast for their bushy brows, beauty companies ramping up their brow offerings so we could all beef up our own arches at home, and of course, the invasion of all those “brows on fleek” memes. (It also, I like to think, may have come from us finally realizing that pencil-thin eyebrows aren’t the most flattering and leave you looking perpetually surprised.) And while many people have tried to predict when, or if, the trend will ever go away (hoping that’s a no), that full, strong brows aren’t going out of style anytime soon.

RIBBON EYELINER: After doing our cat flick every morning for the past 5 years, we’re pretty sure we’ve mastered the art of winged liner. So where do we go now, how do we push our eyeliner skills to the limit, how do we become the eyeliner master? May we present to you, ribbon liner. Whoever came up with this is an artistic genius.

NATURAL MAKEUP: This makeup trend can do no wrong in my eyes.  the minimal, dewy makeup look is great on anyone and it only takes 90 seconds to get ready (goals). I like this look because it’s natural and attainable — a little illuminating moisturizer, brow gel, mascara, nude gloss — and you’re done. Two minute makeup is right up my alley.

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