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LYGlam 411 with Jaga Beauty

Hey Glamqueens, our glam 411 for this week is the founder and creative director of Jagabeauty makeup&style and Jagabeauty academy Ms Ngozy Ezeka-Atta. Enjoy.


1. Please introduce yourself.
My name is Ngozy Ezeka-Atta also known as Queenjaga, jaga being coined from my brand name. I am the founder and creative director of Jagabeauty Makeup&Style and Jagabeauty Academy. I am married to Zakari Atta and blessed with a beautiful daughter Marvel Atta.

2. You’ve been a formidable makeup artist here in Nigeria, how did the beauty brand come about?

This beautiful journey started in 2006 after I was asked by my friend Dinah to make her up for her wedding in September 2006, I have always been artistic so she kinda believed she could trust my lines on her face (smiles)… I got good reviews from her wedding and I decided this might just be what I needed to keep me occupied during my service year which I had just begun in warri.
In 2007 I decided to take it to a professional level by enrolling in the House of Tara Makeup School thanks to the encouragement and help from my sister.
November 21st by inspiration from the HolySpirit from the book of Ecclesiastes 3:11, I got the name Jagabeauty … which means from jaga-jaga ( a local lingua for something scattered) to beautiful.

3. Why brush cleaners first?
The idea actually came in 2011 via my husband while he was away in business school. He watched me as I would wash my brushes continuously before my jobs, sometimes placing them under the fan or outside so they can dry properly. This was a tideous process and most times not hygenic especially as there was never enough time to let my brushes dry properly before the next job.

I didn’t do anything about it till 2016 but then I’ll produce just enough for our students at the Academy. It was introduced for the first time publicly on the 23rd of August 2017 and the response from that date till now has been amazing .

4. What are some of the challenges that you’ve encountered on the journey? What one advice would you give an upcoming beauty entrepreneur?

One of the greatest challenges has been staff, man power… getting the right people for the job and getting them to understand the vision and run with it.

My advise will be:
Know your product. Know your market. Focus on growth not competition. You are your greatest competition so focus on developing your self – Self growth, your company and brand’s growth above all.

5. How do you balance owning a makeup studio and a beauty entrepreneur at the same time?
It’s been God’s grace and thanks to my amazing team, the ones who have imbibed the vision of Jagabeauty.
I have a head makeup artist who oversees the studio and I have a production assistant who helps with the production of Brush Love. I oversee it all and I’m involved in every way.

6. What stores can we find Brush love?
Brush Love can presently be found at
•Dhoopy Dhoopy Makeup Store
•Ebeano Store Oniru
•Ebeano Store Chevron Drive Lekki
•Jumbos Mart Egbeda
•Jagabeauty Studio
And many more to come.

7. Would you like to produce other beauty products, what types?
Yes of course. Our vision is to become a beauty empire transforming the lives of women worldwide. So we see other beauty products in view which we will reveal soon by God’s grace.

8. Where do you see the Brush love brand in 5 to 10 years?
We see Brush Love in the homes and makeup bags of every beauty and health aware woman … in every store nation wide and globally.

9. To end this interview, who was your first client?
Laughs … my first client ever was my friend Dinah… the bride I told you about in September 2006. I was her maid of honour.


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