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Hey Darlings, we are excited about this edition of Glam411 because it is a little different from the past ones we have done. Our Glam411 this week is Ms Onyeka Udechukwu, she is an ex beauty queen, Medical Aesthetician and Senior Laser Technician. Enjoy.

Q- Please introduce Yourself.

A- My name is Onyeka Udechukwu, I am a Medical Aesthetician and Senior Laser Technician.

Q- Why Medical Aesthetics?

A- Its a career, I have found my passion growing everyday. Being able to alter some of the issues clients have had even from birth, that smiles that says thank you from the heart, the feeling that you are changing someone’s life. It’s just an awesome experience doing this.

Q- What are some of the challenges you have encountered in your journey, What is one advice you would give to an upcoming beauty entrepreneur?

A- Lol…I am still upcoming, so I will give the same advice I keep giving myself… Education is key, stay humble, keep learning, customer service and customer relationship is very important, get a mentor and learn from the mistakes of others.

Q- Who was your first client and what was your first treatment experience like?

A- My first client was an African American Charlie, she was very patient with me, I was honest to communicate that she would be my very first client. We did the body sculpting and laser Lipo for fat reduction. Even though she got a few burns from the laser panels, she still gave me my first tip.

Q- What is your go to make up items for your handbag?

A- You will always find a hydrating mist, a sunscreen and lipgloss.

Q- What is your skincare routine like?

A- My everyday skin care routine is not consistent, as it depends on what treatment I have going on. However, I will be sure to always use a sunscreen.

Q- What vision do you have for your company in the next 5 to 10 years.

A- Someone said I am too ambitious, that is definitely a compliment. I think global, and taking West Africa is my big picture.

Q- What is your favorite skin care brand of all time?
A- This is kinda difficult because I encounter very good brands often. I am presently working with Mesoesthetics, Zein Obagi and Image Skin Care products lines and the results are just excellent.

Q- Rounding up the interview, what is your favorite quote?
A- If you can accomplish your dream by yourself, your dream is too small -Bishop T.D Jakes.

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