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LYGlam 411 with Artistry by Tolani



On this week’s edition of Ly-glam 411, we met up with the CEO of Artistry by Tolani a makeup artist, beauty entrepreneur and brand ambassador for Black Opal Nigeria Ms. Tolani Aremu. Enjoy.

Q- Why did you choose to be a makeup artist, was it a passion?
A- It’s funny because I would actually like to think makeup chose me. I was such a tomboy well into my freshman year in college that the last thing I thought I would be is a makeup artist. On a random day during my sophomore year in college a friend decided to do my makeup and I was sold. My interest peaked and I decided to start learning and teaching myself.

Q- If you were not into makeup, what would you be doing?
A- I would still be an entrepreneur, probably an interior designer or somewhere in the creative world

Q- What are some of the challenges that you’ve encountered on the journey?
A- Moving back to Nigeria to pursue makeup artistry full-time was a bit challenging at first. I had to network, meet New people and build my clients from the ground up. That was a bit slow at first but I was determined and persistent. Another initial challenge was refusing to conform to certain beauty standards and techniques that were current at that time in Nigeria.

Q- What one advice would you give an upcoming beauty entrepreneur?
A- Do not be discouraged, be passionate and stay dedicated to your craft

Q- When was the first time you applied makeup professional?
A- 2011

Q- Most valuable advice you ever received
A- Nobody owes you anything. If you want something you have to work hard, be consistent and take it

Q- What are your favorite beauty brands or products?
A-Favorite brands are Black Opal, Makeup Forever, Sephora branded products and my favorite products at the moment are Juvias Place eyeshadow palettes and the Even True foundations by Black Opal

Q- Would you be interested in owning your own beauty brand, if yes what type?
A- Absolutely. I have my own line of brushes and blenders the moment . I’m working on my lash line and other cosmetic products as well

Q- Who is your role model?
A- I’m inspired by a few people in the makeup industry . Danessa Myricks , Pat McGrath and Sam Fine are a few of them

To end this interview, what is the brand with the highest number of pieces in your makeup box?
At the moment it is Artistry by Tolani ‘PrettyPink’ brushes , Black Opal and Mac Cosmetics.

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