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Glam 411 with Stephanie Ani

Hey Glamazons,
Our Glam 411 this week is with the beautiful Youtuber and makeup artist, Stephanie Ani. Enjoy darlings.

Q- Why did you choose to be a makeup artist, was it a passion?
A- Makeup artistry is something I never saw myself doing,i picked it up along the way, I’m definitely passionate about it.

Q- What are some of the challenges that you’ve encountered on the journey? What one advice would you give an upcoming beauty entrepreneur?
A- Challenges would be creating structure in the business aspect of it and also staying consistent, it’s easy to get distracted when you are working for yourself and this applies in every kind of business.

Q- What are some of the challenges Youtubers face in our clime?
A- Advice would be to always have a plan and follow through with them, create time for everything so that there is balance.

Q- How do you balance being a makeup artist and a Youtuber at the same time?
A- Balancing being a YouTuber and makeup artist has been challenging but I make sure I put in some sort of work, I don’t wait to get a full free day in order to edit or film.

Q- How can they contact you for people that would love to know?
A- You can reach me via email: or directing on Instagram and Twitter: @ani_stephanie and on Snapchat : stephanieanii

Q- Would you be interested in owning your own beauty brand, if yes what type?
A- Eventually yes I would love to have my own beauty line but that would be like a retirement plan for being on YouTube or doing makeup.

Q- Where do you see the Stephanie Ani Empire in 5 to 10 years?
A- I honestly would love to grow well enough to collaborate with international brands as well as create relationships with brands across the globe including local brands.

Q- To end this interview, what was the first makeup item you ever owned?
A- First makeup item I owned was a brow pencil and lipgloss.

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