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A Taste of Morocco in Lagos “My Hammam Bath Experience at Bnatural Med spa”

Hey Glamazon’s I had a hammam bathe and I looooooveeeeed it!!!



The Bnatural Med spa is by far one of Nigeria’s foremost and most trusted medical spa and laser centers, with its experience of over 10 years, top medical grade products and expert staffs, it has been able to maintain its credibility and prominence among competitors.
With spa centers in F.C.T Abuja, Ikeja Lagos and V.I Lagos they are easy to locate and you can go into any at anytime to escape the stress of urban life and get pampered even with your partners because they have services available for men too.

The Bnatural med spa offers a wide range of services but on of their most distinguished service is the MOROCAN HAMMAM BATH which is a steam bath which can be categorized as a wet relative of the sauna, it is a treatment that is done for an intense exfoliation of the body from head to toe.  The hammam bath is something you must experience at least once. The Hammam bath consists of different aspects so that you have the very best of the treatment. I was treated on marble slab by a trained professional therapist.

The Hammam bath which is available at Bnatural includes Basic Hammam, Traditional Hammam, Hammam Marakech, Royal Hammam and Souqia Hammam.
This is something that should definitely be experienced and not just read about it.

The experience:

Silk – Italian Bubu from @asoebigirl
Natural Victoria Island

I arrived dressed in my silk Bubu gifted to me by @touchbyasoebigirl, I strolled in an immediately started documenting the experience on insta stories. Once I got into the treatment room, the therapist instructed me to put my phone down as she wanted me to enjoy the experience.

I was given a clean white BNatural robe and shower cap, told to strip , and my properties were safely locked away in a private locker. I kept the keys. I wasn’t bare naked though, I was given disposable under wear, and slipped into the slippers they gave me.

She led me into “the room” – Clean room with a marble slab bang in the room and wooden benches. She began to pour water on me starting with my face, and then all over. She then massaged soap into me ( I forgot to ask what type of soap ** update I’ve been informed  it is the Savon Beldi, a natural soap made from the Fig tree, It grows only in the magreib region and has exfoliating properties.) pleasant smell…. once done I was asked to sit and steam began to fill in the room. Because it was my first time, I wasn’t sure what to expect, felt like I waited a long time, (seemed like 20 to 30 mins) eventually she came out and the scrubbing began. Guys, when I tell you a huge amount of dirt started falling off my skin ( I was a little embarrassed as I thought I was clean, I’d even had a shower that morning). She really scrubbed off the dirty layers of my skin and i felt refreshed with every scrub, the loafer used was everything, firm but it didn’t hurt my skin.

She then rinsed me and I this time started rubbing another soapy like liquid into my body, I asked what it was this time, she replied “body mask”. I sat again on the benches and the room filled with steam, within 15 mins she came and rinsed me off.

My experience was amazinnnng, my body felt squeaky clean. I was was allowed to chill out by the pool, where I made sure not to miss my photo op, and then moved on the some cool day beds they have whilst sipping on green tea and taking in the ambience. I’m definitely going back and doing this montly.

The Prices of the Hammam at Bnatural start from about N23,000

The pool side chilling life



Their Green tea presentation after my bath


You can contact them to book an appointment on Abuja 08098838772 • Ikeja 08098028772 • VI 08150498772

They are social:

Twitter: Bnaturalspa

Instagram: @bnaturalmedspa





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