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Glam 411 With Veronica Odeka

Hey Glam fam,

Lets get inspired by Beauty and fashion entrepreneur Veronica Odeka! Veronica was once a model, and made a name for herself in the fashion industry as one of the best stylists Nigeria has to offer. She moved into the beauty world some years back! Vane Polish is owning the market, and we love it!!


1.You’ve been a formidable stylist both in the United States and here in Nigeria, how did the beauty brand come about?

I have always had a passion for fashion which gave me the opportunity to always work with colour and at the same time fall in love with it. With the beauty brand, it was all about answering a need. As an entrepreneur and Mother, there is never anytime to get a manicure so I needed to make a nail polish brand that is Vegan, Cruelty free, Chip resistant, 100% non – toxic and completely healthy. With that there were no brands here that could do that and still be affordable so that’s why I decided to create my own Nail Polish line to interact with women more not only with fashion but also with beauty
Why nail polish first?

2. Why nail polish first?

As a little girl, Nail Polish was my first initiation to Beauty. I was not allowed to use Make Up even as I grew up. To me there is an innocence to it, everybody can use it either on their finger nails or toe nails. And as a stylist I have always worked with colour so I wanted to incorporate that with my line of business and product range.


3. What are some of the challenges that you’ve encountered on the journey? What one advice would you give an upcoming beauty entrepreneur?

Some of the challenges I have encountered is the shipping of my products here, manufacturing cost and also introducing a new products into the market because people are not easily susceptible to change but I have been able to overcome all of those things. To upcoming beauty entrepreneur, always network, research your market very well and never give up.

4. How do you come up with colours and names for the nail polishes?

I have a fantastic team and we work with a day to day schedule on both beauty and styling.

5. How do you come up with colours and names for the nail polishes?

For the colours, I work with seasons and collections. For the names, it is more of an inspiration of what is around me, how I feel about the colour and what the colour relates to.

6. What stores can we find Vane Polish for people that would love to know?

House of Tara, Grey Velvet, Dunes Centre and Next cash and carry. We are also located in over 50 local salons in Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt and also Ghana. Also you can shop on the website: or on Amazon and Etsy.

7. Where do you see the Vane Empire in 5 to 10 years?

In 5 years, I see Vane being the most dominate nail polish brand in Africa and in 10 years a brand that is known and recognized Internationally.

8. To end this interview, what was the first makeup item you ever owned

A bottle of Nail Polish.



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