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Naturalista Efik Zara Take Us Through Her Cantu Beauty Hair Routine

What a beauty!!! Melanin goodness, with amazing hair to make her a 10 out of 10 (Some people have the luck)

You can get hair like Efik too, steal her secrets as she shared on instagram

So ladies and gentlemen, part of having beautiful hair is nighttime maintenance! Just like anything in life, time needs to be devoted to the hair for it to flourish. I love my hair and I love to see it thrive so I’m careful to give it what it needs. Here I am showing you how I use my favorite product to keep my hair moisturized

1) I spray my hair with my water/conditioner/glycerin mix to add moisture. Remember… water is moisture.

2) I add my leave-in to my hair! It’s one of my top fave Cantu products. The pH is super low and the formula is rich/moisturizing.

3) I then add my favorite oil for some sealing power!

4) I love to use my shampoo brush to massage my scalp! It vibrates so it’s a super stress-free way to give my scalp a treat.

5) I wear one of my gorgeous bonnets from @blackflairc 😍! Keeps the moisture in my hair (and not on my pillow 🙄). They ship worldwide too!

That is EVERYTHING! Try it out and lemme know how it goes for you. Also… when you sleep, are you more of a Pajama or Lingerie person? Or… nothing?? Lemme know below 😉!

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