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Tiyana Robinson Inspires: “Align Is The New Hustle”



Hey Glamazons,


DC based make up artist Tiyana Robinson shared a pretty powerful message and YOU NEED TO READ IT!!


Have you ever noticed that person that seems like everything they touch turns to gold? Opportunities just seem to come to them out of nowhere, money flows to them abundantly, and they seem to flow through life with grace and ease? Those are the symptoms of that person being in “alignment”. In other words, that person is moving in their purpose and within their calling.
If you feel like everything in your life is a constant battle, everything is HARD… you have to scrape and scrounge for every little piece of good that comes to you, well, sis…. you’re probably not in alignment. You’re doing things that are not meant FOR you, so the universe is making your experience really, really difficult. Imagine how hard it is to walk against the tide as opposed to flowing with it.
But there’s a REALLY EASY way to start getting into alignment, but I have to tell you — It’s going to feel really scary and weird at first. Next time you have to make a decision, listen to your inner voice. LISTEN TO IT. Trust it. That itty bitty inner voice is your intuition. And your intuition is such a gift because it’s your direct connection with God, your higher self, the universe — whatever higher power you believe in. It was given to you for a reason!
The “secret weapon” that has allowed me to grow my biz exponentially and accomplish milestones that have taken other artists decades to achieve is my uncanny ability to trust my gut. I am CONSTANTLY checking in with myself — does this FEEL right? Intuitively. Does this FEEL right? Because the truth is, whatever you aspire to desire, by the time the thought pops in your head, it’s already done! At that point, your job is to move yourself into alignment, so that the universe can conspire in your favor and guide you through the decisions you need to make to get what you want! See how that works?


How about that for some motivation!! Definetly leaves us inspired!

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