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A Review Of My First Braid Wig By Anne Elise Real Hair

The Amaka Unit

I’ve never really been a fan of the wig life because I feel it looks sooo unnatural! All my friends will turn round and say…. well even when you sew in a weave and  leave out your hair  it’s still unnatural so what’s the issue!

I just have always preferred leaving out my hair,so when everyone left me for the wig life I didnt make the move with most of y’all. Imagine my life!!! I’ve still been sitting 3( sometimes 4) hours on a chair, to take out, wash, cornrow and then sew in my hair. So time consuming and worst of all headache !!  Sometimes for the first two days my head will be sore from all the tugging.

I first came across this braid wig on Instagram, I ‘ve followed Anne Elise Real hair for years but never considered their braid wig… until now

I saw it on Ronke Raji, as below and immediately slid into Anne Elise’s dm’s.  It is called  “The Amaka” (Millions Braided Wig Unit).

Ronke Raji

Within 2 weeks, my hair was delivered in a bright white a pink box. It was light weight, just the length I wanted and I couldn’t wait to try it. So, a few weeks on! I could get to this wig life!  I’ve been complimented on how natural it looks and people are shocked when I reveal its a wig. That’s why It’s imperative the closures are the same colour as your scalp, I know a lot of people use makeup to achieve this effect. Go over to their instagam @anneeliserealhair to see a variety of beautiful braid wigs (they even have wig cornrows) and of course regular wigs too.

In my personal experience I’ve found it looks most natural when hair is corn rowed back and is lying flat (I tried it with a pony tail and it didn’t look as natural. Also if you have baby hair, let them do their magic be sure to slick them back. I prefer to use Creme of Nature’s edge control which has Argan Oil to perfect my edges.

Alright till the next review, love and light from you head Glamazon in charge


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